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Rovigo 2008, a decisive success

Thank you to the more than 250 participants and speakers for making the Rovigo 2008 conference a success!

The presentations and the final programme are available for download under the Programme & Presentation page.


Rovigo Outreach and Final Report

The intensive and productive discussions and exchange that took place during the conference led to the development of the Rovigo Final Report, which synthesizes key outcomes of the European Climate Conference, as well as the Rovigo Outreach, which calls on small and medium sized communities to vigorously engage in climate protection.

To download in PDF Format:

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- Rovigo Outreach_Spanish

NEW! - Rovigo Final Report  English


A capacity building event for

Medium and small communities to learn about the impacts and solutions to climate change, and how they can move towards a more sustainable energy use and production

Associations of neighbouring communities, wishing to cluster and cooperate for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and for sustainable energy: together they can be stronger

Successful and ambitious communities, who can transfer their know-how and experience in the field of climate change and energy management

Provinces and Metropolitan areas, in their roles as facilitators and guides for the medium and smaller communities in their jurisdiction

Local Agenda 21 coordinators interested in further involving citizens and stakeholders on climate action and a more sustainable energy


The main objective of this event was to encourage capacity-building from city to city regarding climate change. Below are the themes that were covered:

Climate protection: Local action plans and targets – how to develop and implement these

Energy conservation and energy efficiency: Strategies, procedures, tools, local rules and regulations that lead to energy savings, and a more efficient use of local resources

Renewable energy:
Special focus on solar energy and biomass – local framework conditions to promote the use of renewable energy sources for electricity, heating and cooling

Urban and land use planning:
Special focus on instruments and policies to support planning procedures oriented to climate change and local energy production

Engagement of citizens and local stakeholders:
Motivate for change towards more sustainable energy use

Adaptation to climate change:
Strategies to improve local resilience and the capacity of communities to adapt to a changing climate